Using Question and Answer Sites to Build Backlinks

Any SEO expert will tell you that building backlinks are one of the most important SEO methods to get your content ranking on Google.  One of the easiest ways to build backlinks is to use Question and Answer website, like What If? HQ, to get links and organic traffic to your site.

Nicolas from Fundera says,

“The primary value of Q&A sites come from the opportunity to drive traffic to your main site or specific webpages contextually. For the most part, these sites only grant no-follow links… For this reason, a backlink from a Q&A site is most valuable when you answer a question and include a link to one of your website’s helpful resources on the topic or a tool that might solve a problem.”

The thing about Q&A sites is that they cover a variety of topics and create a big chance of being able to add your link to an answer.   Q&A sites have lots of different questions with different niches, so it is incredibly easy to find questions in your niche.  Even more, our website, and many other popular Q&A sites offer a by-category view of all the question, making finding a question to answer even easier.

Ways to add links to Question/Answer Pages

1. Include links in your answer

Alon Rajic of Finofin says:

“…the best way to drive traffic from Q&A site
is to provide real value to whomever reading your answer (or question!).
The best practice is to comment on areas that you specialize in, make
sure you write comprehensive and coherent answers, and refrain from
simply rewording things that have been said before. “

If you write an answer, you can also link to resources from your website, that you think are valuable.  This way, you are also providing value to the reader, not just building backlinks.  In turn, readers looking for more info will click on your link and drive organic traffic.

2. Include link as a signature

Another way is to add a backlink as a signature, at the bottom of the answer.  This will drive less organic traffic, but will better promote your brand name.  Example below:

3. Find specific posts to promote your brand

This one is a bit more tricky, as it is basically promoting your brand outright.  This one means finding a question asking about products/websites related, or about something.  For example, if the question is, “What are some sites like Yahoo Answers?”, one could get a backlink to What If? HQ by answering, “What If? HQ is an alternative to Yahoo Answers and is also a Q&A site … ” Then, in the end, you could include a link to your website.

Value of these links

Quora, Stack Overflow, Stack Exchange, etc

“…most Q&A sites like Quora use nofollow links, so any backlinks you
create on these sites/platforms will not bring direct SEO value and will
not help increase your keywords ranking and organic traffic…”

-Mike Khorev from Nine Peaks Media

Part of this is true: no follow links don’t directly boost ranking.  However, they can still drive organic traffic. Furthermore, if your link is relevant, it can, technically, indirectly boost rankings.  According to Peter Koch from Seller at Heart, writing good answers can boost “…exposure, brand recognition and eventually you will build authority in your niche. ”

In fact, Darren Schreher from Into the AM, and iHeartRaves talks about how he used Q&A site to grow his $20 million brand!

“We [Darren] currently gross over $20M a year and we’ve been featured in the Inc. 5000 four years in a
row. I like using sites like Quora to drive traffic to our e-commerce
brands. I search for questions that people have asked relating to fashion,
music festivals, online gaming, and other topics related to our brands.
Then, I provide an in-depth, insightful answer that is beneficial to those
reading. I’m able to include supporting links in my answers, which entices
curious readers to click and find out more. Depending on your industry, you
can also utilize Q&A sites to become a thought leader on topics you
specialize in.”

Reddit, What If? HQ

While links from Quora are no-follow, most of the time, links from are do-follow!  This means if you get linked to from a high-quality Reddit post, it will pass PageRank!

As for What If? HQ, links from questions and answers are no-follow.  However, profile links are do-follow!  This means if you have high-quality answers and fill out your profile, links will also pass PageRank.


  1. Readers before links: Focus on having quality answers before including links
  2. No one likes SPAM: Don’t attempt to keyword stuff an answer.  This could actually decrease your ranking!
  3. Patience is Key:  Don’t expect your answer to go viral.  Only <0.0001% of answer from top Q&A sites ever make it to Forbes, NY Times, etc.

Thanks for reading!

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